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The LS Planter drive system utilizes EIXOPLANT technology for traction and speed change. This leaves the machine lighter, requiring less of the engine and avoiding waste.


LS Planter is the only machine on the market prepared with technology that optimizes planting in less space.


The Pulse Zero dosing system performs a uniform distribution, taking advantage of fertilizer. It is shielded, in anticorrosive material, nonstick and chemically resistant, dispensing lubrication.


It is a construction based on a pendular concept, which absorbs impact during movement. This increases the useful life and the uniformity of the work, guaranteeing the plant a more vigorous growth.


Built in a single piece, the regulator can be adjusted by a simple rotary movement, positioning the limiter to the desired depth of seeds, bringing more precision and practicality.

LS Planter has suspension technology that prevents impacts and jolts during operation. With this, the system makes a plantation with precise and uniform depth.

Technology that realizes a regular geometric distribution of the seeds through a constant speed, providing the fall of the seeds without impulse. This brings economics, precision and even farming.


Balanced weight distribution, drive devices that reduce energy consumption and ground contact mechanisms that require less traction effort. This makes the machine save a lot more fuel per planted hectare.

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