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  • The balanced weight distribution and perfect wheelbase, designed for this power range, prove to be one of the secrets to the great traction power of the SERIES H.

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  • The high-flow hydraulic system generates high lift capacity and increases tractor productivity.

  • Wide and full view of the outside work area, unobstructed. This is the result of a design of the cabin that combines a greater width and height, offering a large and comfortable internal environment.

  • The LS TRACTOR offers two transmission options in the H SERIES. The first version prioritizes simplicity, and the second, a superior technology with an electro-hydraulic system, where the operator performs the reversal of movement of the tractor automatically, without the need to use the clutch for this action.

  • The second also offers the option of two gears, one high and one low, which offer the same ease in the drive. The result is a tractor with greater agility and better operational comfort.

  • Fuel tank with 300 liters capacity, which provides greater autonomy for the work, eliminating the need for refueling during the daily journey.

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  • O sistema estável de ar condicionado da SÉRIE H é a garantia para um confortável ambiente climatizado e pressurizado durante toda jornada de trabalho.

  • Electronic engine protection system, which monitors oil temperature and pressure and shuts off the engine in critical situations, avoiding damage and maintenance costs. All this connected with telemetry system, which facilitates the management of the machine and of the entire fleet.

  • Designed to offer a high level of comfort with a monobloc construction and supported by four fixed points. The new H-SERIES cab provides the operator with a large internal space and excellent serviceability, with the distribution of the working levers in the correct positions, facilitating their use and drive.

Âncora 1

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